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Junior Classes

Jujitsu is a perfect martial art for children to practice. Martial arts teach children discipline and respect, whilst at the same time building confidence, teaches them how to work well with other children and how to use their bodies in a coordinated fashion.


We have a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying, we

encouraged children to mix with one and other and to

apply their jujitsu in a positive way.


With childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes on the increase, Jujitsu is excellent exercise for children. All of our classes end with a series of games, this serves as a cool down, a way to burn off that abundance of energy and a bit of fun!


At Bromley Jujitsu and Self Defence, we have a system for gauging how each child is developing. Belt promotions are held every 3 months.

Kids 2

We take children from the age of 6 onwards, depending on their size and level of maturity. Not all children are the same, and some develop faster than others. If you're interested in your child attending classes, visit your local class and speak to the sensei. They will be able to give you an indication as to whether your child would be ready to begin training.





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