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Bromley Jujitsu and Self Defence uses the techniques from Shu Ho Jujitsu Ryu and is derived from Juko Ryu Jujitsu. Sensei Mark trained at Shu ho, under Sensei Colin Elgie for 23 years.


Jujitsu is the name of the martial art we practice. 'Ju' means pliable - to use any necessary means to overcome our attacker, seen or unseen. 'Jitsu' may be translated as warlike art or science. The combination of Ju and Jitsu is formidable, making it possible to meet an attack with any type of defence from traditional martial arts: kicks and strikes, throws, chokes, locks or takedowns. The defence would be applied to key weak points on the attacker including eyes, head, major organs of the body and joints. The effectiveness of these techniques means that it is not possible to practice jujitsu as a sport and during training the techniques must be performed with care and control to ensure that no injuries are inflicted.

Sensei Mark Brazier - 5th Dan - Chief Instructor - Bromley Jujitsu and Self Defence

Sensei Colin Elgie - 9th Dan  - Chief Instructor - Shu Ho Jujitsu Renmei

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